Deer Horn Powder Flask for Landsknecht, Germany 1578

Deer Horn Powder Flask for Landsknecht, Germany 1578

Powder Flask or gunpowder flask in deer horn, with a rare engraved and blackened depiction of a Landsknecht soldier on the front. The flask was made as reported on the back by: "Caspar Weigel, me fecet 1578" with a symbol found on weapons produced in Germany in the 16th century.

The iron frame is composed of a spout and a lever dispenser with spring locking; four iron loops, placed on its sides, allow the insertion of a cord useful for carrying it on the shoulder, while the long lever fixed to the back was used for attaching to the bandolier, a type of belt worn over the shoulder or around the waist from which hung the various accessories needed for a weapon including keys to the mechanism, measured charges, powder bottles and priming bottles.

The insertion of the gunpowder inside the flask occurs via a lid screwed onto the more massive bottom of the horn, while the other smaller one is closed by a bone cap on which the initials L.K. are engraved. Crowned, probably from the ancient owner.

Furthermore, on the flask there is a tag on which the personal details of a previous collector or antiques dealer can be read.

The full signature with the production date and the depiction of a Landsknecht soldier in his costume make this flask very rare. Its condition is excellent.

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