Clock Borletti Veglia, Italian Royal Air Craft, circa 1939

Clock Borletti Veglia, Italian Royal Air Craft, circa 1939

Clock made by the Borletti company (Veglia, Ref. 999) in aluminum and Bakelite, produced around 1939 and installed on the control consoles of Italian fighter and bomber aircraft of the Royal Air Force, such as Reggiane, Macchi, Savoia Marchetti, Fiat P. 08, Fiat Cr etc etc.

On the dial, in addition to the "Borletti" brand, there is the serial number "N°. 6387" to guarantee its assignment to a Regia Aeronautica aircraft. The movement is mounted on an anti-vibration base (exclusive Borletti patent) and obviously marked "Veglia", and is in perfect working condition, just as the general conditions of the entire watch are perfect.

This exact version is of the type approved by the Ministry of the Italian Royal Air Force.

Very few specimens known.

The Borletti Company (Veglia): Fratelli Borletti was a company from Milan, known for being the owner of the Veglia-Borletti brand. Founded by Romualdo Borletti in 1897 to produce watches under license from the American West Clock Company and various Swiss and German brands. It was developed by his sons Aldo and Senatore Borletti who converted the company to military production during the First World War. At the end of the conflict the company was converted to civilian production in the field of precision mechanics: in addition to watches, its products included car instruments (in particular odometers), sewing machines and measuring instruments.

The product lines relating to watches, speedometers and odometers were identified with the Veglia brand.

The company was also active in the sports field, through its after-work club. In 1930 the factory managers formed a team of employees, Dopolavoro Borletti, which took part in the Motta basketball cup in 1931 and later participated with good results in the first division.

The team, owned by the company until 1947, would later become Olimpia Milano through the merger with Triestina Milano (of which Borletti was the first sponsor).

The Borletti family was one of the most important families in the Lombardy capital, active in patronage and owners of a large villa in via San Vittore 40: the villa, built in 1936 and co-designed by Gio Ponti, is considered one of the historic buildings of modern architecture in the city, despite being in a state of poor conservation.

The family was among the founders of La Rinascente, of Upime della Standa. From 1917 to the early seventies the family also owned the first two.

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