Royal Ship Clock Admiral Magnaghi (Royal Hydrographic Institute), circa 1938

Royal Ship Clock Admiral Magnaghi (Royal Hydrographic Institute), circa 1938

Marine bronze clock made for the Royal Italian Navy and assigned to the Royal Ship Admiral Magnaghi, a unit under the Royal Hydrographic Institute of which it was part.

Inside the watch there is its original vintage mechanism, "Reform Brevete Swiss" model, produced in Switzerland, which adopts an electromechanical movement, with self-winding solenoid, powered by a 4.5 volt battery.

The watch is accompanied by some keys (including the one useful for opening it) and a plaque showing the name of the ship, the space (or room) where the watch was located and various reference numbers. to a clock recording on board the cargo register of the Royal Hydrographic Ship "Ammiraglio Magnaghi".

The Royal Ship Admiral Magnaghi was launched by the Odero Shipyards of Genova Sestri on 10.8.1914. She had a displacement of 2111 tons, a speed of 13.5 knots, a crew of 159 sailors and was armed with 76/40 guns. During her life she carried out numerous hydrographic campaigns especially in the Aegean Sea, the Red Sea, Eritrea and Somalia.

She was modernized in 1938, and subsequently used in the war as an escort and patrol vessel. In September 1943, she was captured by the Germans in La Spezia and sunk there in April 1945. She was recovered and scrapped at the end of the war.

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