Combat Flag Chest, R. Cruiser Eugenio di Savoia, VIIth Cruiser Division, 1935

Combat Flag Chest, R. Cruiser Eugenio di Savoia, VIIth Cruiser Division, 1935

Combat Flag Chest of the Royal Cruiser "Eugenio di Savoia", donated to the Naval Unit by "I Celeri of Eugenio di Savoia Division" in 1935.

This flag chest, made of octagonal wood, was designed by Carlo Someda de Marco and masterfully hand-sculpted, in the round, by the Friulian master sculptor N. Ortiga. Two large bronze medallions, made by the great Italian engraver and medal collector Pietro Giampaoli, are both set in the center of a laurel wreath and framed by very fine Savoy knots.

- A medallion is set in the front facade and depicts Prince Eugene of Savoy on Horseback (1663-1736), the last Captain of Fortune also known as the Grand Captain.

- The other is set on the rear facade and bears the dedication of the "Celeri of the 1st Division Eugenio di Savoia".

On both sides of the coffin, the coats of arms of the Cavalry departments with related mottos are sculpted, which constituted the "1st Fleet Division Eugenio di Savoia".

Left Side Facade:

- 12th Regiment "Cavalleggeri di Saluzzo" - motto "Quo Fata Vocant".

- 2nd "Piemonte Cavalleria" Regiment - motto "Venustus et Audax".

- 11th Bersaglieri Regiment - motto "Quis Ultras?".

Right side facade:

- 19th "Cavalleggeri Guide" Regiment - motto "To Victory and Honor I am Guide".

- 1st Celer Artillery Regiment "Eugenio di Savoia" - motto "Igne celerrime diruo".

In fact, as per the regulations, the flag boxes had to have a historical-graphic symbolism with the character to whom the name of the ship was dedicated. Furthermore, the delivery dedications shown on these flag caskets were exclusively referable to military departments, associations or municipalities that also had a direct reference to the person to whom the ship was named. In this specific case, in fact, this Combat Flag Holder was donated, with dedication following, by the "Celeri of the Eugenio di Savoia Division" with Fraternal Comradeship A. MCMXXXV - XIII E.F. which 1st Celere Division, had a direct link with the Royal Cruiser as they were both baptized with the name of "Eugenio di Savoia" (1663-1736).

Furthermore, on all the columns with base and capitals placed at its corners, there is the Coat of Arms of the House of Savoy.

The lid, made with framed steps, is equipped with a socket for the lift.

The chest has a working lock with its original key to which the "Combat Flag" plate and the name of the Commander "Captain Massimiliano Vietina" are applied, i.e. the one who first received it.

Inside the bonnet, the complete covering with its original light blue velvet upholstery is present and excellently preserved.

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