Silver table Cigar Box, Hermann Göring, Bruckman & Son of Heilbronn, circa 1935

Silver table Cigar Box, Hermann Göring, Bruckman & Son of Heilbronn, circa 1935

Large silver table cigar box, which belonged to Hermann Göring and made, as shown by the hallmarks expressly shown on it, by one of the oldest and most prestigious German companies producing silver articles, namely Bruckmann & Son of Heilbronn which, created refined and precious objects intended for the highest members of the Nazi Party and was one of the very few companies authorized to produce articles bearing H. Göring's personal emblem.

This cigar box was commissioned and made for Hermann Göring, probably in support of his appointment as Commander in Chief of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) in 1935.

In the center of the lid, H. Göring's personal armorial coat of arms is perfectly identifiable with his arm protected by armor and his hand clasped in a ring, while the corners adorned with four eagles with spread wings and a Nazi swastika between the claws, symbolize the 'German Air Force (Luftwaffe).

The rare and impeccable refinement of the "hammering" work carried out on this box, as well as the indisputable skill of the master goldsmith, expressed in the execution of the friezes shown on it, best represented the artistic image of the Bruckman & Son Company of Heilbronn of that period.

With its dimensions of 28 cm x 19 cm x 8 cm, it is currently considered one of the largest and most important silver cigar boxes that belonged to Hermann Göring.

Its state of conservation is excellent.

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